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Spark Arrestor

Spark Arrestor
Spark Arrestor
Product Description

It's not just a spark trap! Suppressing fire hazards is essential to protect your facility from suffering a potentially devastating dust explosion. One of the most important lines of defence against dust collector fires and explosions are baghouse spark arrestors. DeGATECH Baghouse spark arrestors, or spark traps work to capture or extinguish sparks in the inbound dust before they enter into the baghouse or cartridge dust collector. This equipment is absolutely necessary with processes that produce embers or sparks from thermal cutting, polishing, smelting, etc… such as metals processing, thermal spray shops, foundries, recycling, etc…


  • DEG-SPKT-IL (In-line Series of spark arrestors)
  • DEG-SPKT-PS (Pre Separation Series of Spark Arrestors)

DEG-SPKT arrestor are engineered to channel hot embers and sparks into a high energy turbulation cell. This action extinguishes and keeps them away from the filters in the dust collector. The DeGATECH In-line spark arrestor cools the sparks and embers, preventing fires and explosions in dust collection systems.

DeGATECH high efficiency spark arrestor can be mounted in-line with existing or new duct work. Inline Spark Arrestors are available in either a horizontal or vertical setup, providing the versatility to fit into any installation. Contrary to many competitive models, our spark arrestors requires no drop out conduit to evacuate the sparks, embers and dust (an unnecessary maintenance hassle and potential fire hazard. Any duct connection can be custom built.


  • Highly effective removal of sparks and cigarette butts
  • Compact in design
  • Divisible body: for easy maintenance
  • Duct clamp connections: for easy installation, service and dismantling
  • Optional: inspection hatches for regular checks


  • Most advanced spark suppressor technology available in today's market.
  • Extinguishes and cools sparks / burning embers from welding fumes, plasma cutting table, grinding, polishing, buffing, belt sanders, furnaces, biomass boilers, and any application which creates a possible spark hazard.
  • Prevents fires and explosions in all dust collection systems.
  • Static device, with no moving parts, requiring no additional dust collection recipient. No water or chemical retardants are injected.
  • DeGATECH spark arrestors device, is easy to apply, install, use and maintain.
  • A small investment for safety and big piece of mind.
  • DeGATECH Spark Arrestors are available for 4" to 60" duct standard and larger or custom sizes, with capabilities in excess of 200,000 CMH

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