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ATEX Atmospheric Explosive Compliant System

ATEX Atmospheric Explosive Compliant System
ATEX Atmospheric Explosive Compliant System
Product Description

Installing explosion vent and pressure relief systems for new and EXISTING SYSTEMS

DeGATECH is an expert company with years of experience installing reliable dust collection systems that knows how to appropriately design and install the ATEX compliant solutions. As a custom solution on existing normal systems. They should be able to:

  • Choose suitable electrical and ventilation equipment and locate dust collectors outdoors
  • Use dust collection systems with the inlet located as close to the dust producing process
  • Reduce or eliminate sparks from static electricity through bonding and grounding of equipment
  • Remove open flames, sparks, friction, heat sources, and other sources of ignition
  • Wrap covers around pipes and cables, or embed pipes and cables in the walls, where possible, to reduce surfaces where dust can accumulate
  • Assist on safe venting of fire ball & avoid secondary explosions

Explosion panels have the ability to save many lives. One of the most common explosion protection strategies is the installation of explosion vents while supply of new equipment. These help by directing explosions along a path that has been designated to be kept clear or minimized for usage rather than explode in all directions.

You can contact us at any time to request our services, and our experienced professionals will be able to provide the service you need.

Scheduled inspection, repair and maintenance

Dust collection and explosion venting efficacy in preventing and reducing impacts from dust explosion depends on their ongoing performance. Regular inspection, repair and maintenance of your dust collection systems and explosion vents or panels is required.

DeGATECH service department delivers cost-effective dust collector repair, maintenance and inspection services which include:

  • Keeping all electrical and mechanical equipment in good repair
  • Regularly inspecting all grounded and bonded equipment to ensure the bonds are in good condition
  • Inspect Explosion vent condition, Isolation Valves & Fire suppression systems
  • Checking equipment that may wear such as bearings and valves
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